Great Learning Facilitated by Great Teaching

UM commands 4 G’s (Great Buildings, Great Professors, Great Knowledge and Great Character). These constitute an enviable environment conducive to the effective learning and character development of students as future leaders. The UM Teaching Excellence Award, honoring an exemplary in-house 21st century educator, is emblematic of the importance the university attaches to the quality of teaching and learning.

The responsibility for selecting the recipient for the 2016/17 UM Teaching Excellence Award fell on the Selection Committee convened by the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs. This year, it had the difficult task of picking a winner from among eight outstanding nominees, each of whose names had been put forward by their respective faculty or institute. They were Prof Nevia DOLCINI, FAH; Prof JinJuan REN, FBA; Prof Zihao LI, FED; Prof Gary WONG, FHS; Prof Muruga RAMASWAMY, FLL; Prof Chia Wen LU, FSS; Prof Seng Fat WONG, FST, and Prof. Chung Hang LEUNG, ICMS. Coming from an array of teaching situations, from General Education courses for incoming students to upper level major courses to postgraduate courses within their own disciplines, each of these individuals embody their personal and our institutional commitment to learner-centered excellence in education.

After considerable deliberations, Prof Zihao LI, an assistant professor from FED has been declared the recipient of this year’s Teaching Excellence Award. He is recognized for integrating cutting edge technologies into enhancing his General Education classes.

CTLE is honored to have played a part in this process by conducting brief interviews with the nominees. All members of the university community are welcome to view the attached video. We hope you will become better acquainted with these outstanding teachers.