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Poll Everywhere

The University of Macau (CTLE) has purchased a limited license to pilot test the use of Poll Everywhere (PollEV) for classroom use. Poll Everywhere is a web-based tool that allows one to collect feedback and responses from students or an audience. UM academic staff can conduct polls, surveys, and quizzes with up to 800 concurrent unregistered anonymous participants.

Engage Students and Increase Learning with In-class Polls on Mobile Phones

Smart devices (phones) can be used to engage learners in-class with polls, quizzes, surveys and to collect short text responses. UM staff can easily create polls using Poll Everywhere, and students can quickly respond to one or two polls in class or before class. Below are two ideas describing how and why this technology is used in higher education classrooms to engage students.


Educational researchers have shown that making predictions about materials increases students’ ability to understand that material and retrieve it later. Using Poll Everywhere, students can instantaneously respond to in class or pre-class questions and make predictions on smart devices using WiFi in classrooms. Two easy starting points:

  • Present problems or cases and ask students to predict the outcome, when the answer is not obvious and clear cut then the divergent answers provide an opportunity for students to engage in critical thinking, peer teaching, and grapple with uncertainty.
  • Ask students to make predictions about the material that will be covered in the next class; this primes them to begin thinking about the material before class.

The basic premise of self-explaining is that learners benefit from explaining out loud (to themselves or others) what they are thinking and doing during the completion of a learning task.

Having students explain their ideas or justify their answers to peers with the help of a poll is well-documented in a teaching strategy called peer instruction which can increase students’ learning and understanding. The essential steps are:

  • Project a question that requires thinking using Poll Everywhere
  • Students answer the question on their smart device, project the results
  • Students explain their answer to a peer

Peer instruction is a documented technique that has been shown to have positive impacts on student learning and has been used in science instruction for more than 20 years.  Numerous researchers have found that it is an effective approach in part because students are essentially teaching one another using language and concepts that are explained at the right level.  For second language learners, this provides a significant advantage since it allows students to communicate with each other in their native tongue.

You need to register with ICTO to use Poll Everywhere 

Recent changes to the registration and log in procedures require all existing and new UM users to re-register or register at This requires checking a box to indicate you agree to the terms and conditions.

  1. Please visit the page to register for your Poll Everywhere account.
1 Register with ICTO

2.  To complete the registration, you must visit the page and provide your first and last name and UM email address. You must click ‘submit’ at the bottom of that registration page.

2 Register with Poll Everywhere

3. After submitting the registration page, visit to create polls and quiz questions. UM staff and students can login with their university email address and PCLAN password.

3 Log in to Poll Everywhere

(optional) There are actually two ways to log in to Poll Everywhere, via the UMPASS or with a Poll Everywhere local password. To create a local password, you can go to the page, enter your email address, and click on ‘I forgot my password’. Actually, you may not have created a unique password, but resetting it will allow you to create an easy to use password.

  • Poll Everywhere有兩種登錄方法,您可以通過UMPASS或者Poll Everywhere的本地密碼登錄。您可以通過訪問,輸入您的電子郵箱,然後點擊“忘記密碼”來創建該本地密碼。事實上,你不一定建立一個Poll Everywhere的本地密碼,但你可以利用它來建立一個便於使用的密碼。

Login to Poll Everywhere via UM SSO (Instructors)

After registering with ICTO, UM users can log in to their Poll Everywhere account with their UM email address, e.g., and their PCLAN password.

Login procedure:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter only your email address, e.g.
  3. A notice will appear: University of Macau accounts should log on via Single-Sign On.
  4. Click on Single-Sign On.
  5. You will be redirected to an ICTO log in page where you can enter your username and PCLAN password to sign in.

Create a Poll/Quiz

For information on how to get started creating polls, please view the official presenter guide:

關於如何開始創建投票,請瀏覽官方的演示︰ (English only).

Polls can be created in PowerPoint or on the Poll Everywhere website. See the videos below for simple instructions on how to create polls.


Students Take a Poll/Quiz

Students can take your live polls in your classroom by entering your PollEV response address into their mobile phone browser, e.g. See ICTO’s knowledge base page for details.


More resources

Educators and instructors who need to collect student responses, quiz results, and data from polls, surveys, and quizzes might consider several similar technologies.

  • Turning Point 5 software and Turning Technology response cards are a hardware-based system that collects data from individuals, and up to 85 cards can be borrowed from CTLE.
  • UM-Qualtrics is a web-based survey service that is available for use by all UM faculty, staff and postgraduate students. Qualtrics is used to assist faculty, staff, and students with collecting data for research projects.
  • Quizzes in UMMoodle are used for summative and formative assessments and provide automated, personalized individual feedback to students. A wide variety of question types are available and question stems can include audio, video, and multimedia. Most quiz questions can be completed on smartphones in class.


Custom training sessions are available to three or more instructors upon request. Please contact Chris Fulton at or 8822-4574 or visit Chris in CTLE’s offices in E6-3113 on Thursdays from 3:00 to 4:30 pm.