equipment-icon  The following items can be requested for the purpose of classroom teaching enhancement:

 *Note: We do not loan equipment to student

Cameras/Video Cameras

        • DSLR – Canon 70D
        • DSLR – Canon 760D
        • Digital Camera – Panasonic Lumix G2
        • Digital camera – Sony DSC-TX100V Cyber-shot
        • Handycam – Sony HDR-PJ50
        • Handycam – Sony HDR-XR550

Request a Camera

Mobile devices

Sensors [request]

        • GSR2 Biofeedback Relaxation System
        • HeartMath HMA 6300BL emWAVE
        • Quick Stress Test Biofeedback Cards
        • RESPeRATE Ultra

Student Response Systems [request] TurningTechnologyClickers

        • Sun-Tech Xpress Personal Response System (60 clickers per set)
        • Turning Technologies Student Clickers (50 clickers per set) [manualvideo]

Wireless Presentation System [request]


      • Samson C03U multi-pattern USB studio condenser microphone
      • GMP Photonex@ 325 Laminator (Up to A3 Paper)